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Gordon Coons

My creations are reflections of my heritage and life experiences. I portray my views of traditional native stories, incorporating strong family influences into each image.  I am enrolled member of the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin. My heritage of Chippewa/Ojibwa comes from my father and Ottawa from my mother, an enrolled member of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians from Michigan.


My inspiration comes from my heritage of Chippewa and Ottawa.  I try to express my culture through works using a contemporary style.  I also enjoy incorporating playfulness in my images, telling stories of relationships between Western and Native cultures, and the connection we have to our shared historical events.  My goal as an artist is to channel my creativity eliciting a more universal interpretation of my work and heritage.


My color palette is important to me when expressing nature and humanity.  My preference is to use bright colors to visually welcome viewers into my world of expression. 

Gordon Coons edited.jpg
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