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Now more than ever Indigenous First Arts and Gift Shop could use your support, therefore we have updated our website, lowered shipping cost, added original artwork and GIFT CERTIFICATES!!! Our gift certificates are valid through 2022  and can be used in-store and online! With the holidays approaching we wanted to supply gifts to your family and friends they can cherish for a lifetime!


About our Gift Certificates: Give your friends and family gifts from Indigenous First by purchasing a Gift Certificate! Our gift certificates are valid through 2022 and can be used in-store or online! A follow up email will be sent with your specific Gift Certificate PROMO CODE: Only send PROMO CODE: to recipient of gift certificate and do not share this code with anyone else.

How to use gift certificate: To use your gift certificate online select your items of purchase and add them to your cart. Then press view cart. Finally select enter PROMO CODE and put in the promo code that sends you! Then your selected gift certificate amount will be taken off of the overall amount!

$125 Gift Certificate

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