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Editor Anton Treuer, Editor Michael Sullivan Sr., Illustrator Jonathan Thunder


Presented in the Ojibwe language (only), these charming and original stories bring to life the creative genius of some of Ojibwe country’s most gifted storytellers.


In this anthology of twenty-three charming and original stories, people get into and out of trouble, make and solve problems, and have funny and surprising adventures. The tellings range from hilarious personal reminiscences to legendary exploits. From the true story of a family that raised a fawn until nursing it became too painful for its adoptive human mother to the squirrel that accidentally took the ride of its life across Mille Lacs Lake on the back of an owl, here is Ojibwe storytelling at its finest. Anooj Inaajimod (They Tell All Kinds of Things) is written for teachers, students, and Ojibwe language and culture enthusiasts ages ten and above. 


Aanjibimaadizing, which means “Changing Lives,” is a program of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. Through the Aanjibimaadizing Project, sixteen first speakers have teamed with linguists, teachers, and Ojibwe language experts to create this new literature for Ojibwe language learners. Conceived and presented only in Ojibwe, the stories reflect a rare authenticity as they transmit cultural values, increase vocabulary, and reinforce identity.

Anooj Inaajimod

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