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Grown by North Circle Farm


Arikara Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) (55-75 days) This prolific native variety will grow up to over 10' and will produce both small and large heads, up to 12-16 inches with classic yellow sunflower petals. Great for trellising pole beans to climb. Seeds are black, white and streaked variations. The seeds are edible and were used by the Arikara Nation in North Dakota. Larger seeds can be roasted or for eating raw. Smaller headed seeds were traditionally ground and made into sunflower seed balls to be used as a boost of energy.


Growing Tips

• Direct seed 1/2 inch deep in loose soil in early Spring, once soil can be worked.

• Plant 6 inches apart. The farther apart sunflowers are planted, the heads will get larger. Plant close 2-3 inches apart for smaller heads.

Certified Organic. 75 seeds per packet

Arikara Sunflower

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