Robyn Vanwert - Rainy River First Nation Tribal Member


Bear and Eagle Floral Dream $1,200.00


My piece is a wall hanging symbolizing the strength and protection of the bear as he is aware of everything in the world, especially the eagle which carries our prayers to the Great spirit as well as the connections of the four leggeds, two leggeds, and the plant beings of the natural world which is all around us... we are​ ​all connected.


This piece is currently on display until January 8th and can be picked up or shipped after January 11th from AICHO at 202 W2nd., St. Duluth MN! If you purchase this piece and are asking this to be shipped, you are agreeing to pay $10 now for shipping and at a later date agree to cover the remaining cost of shipping and insurance.

Bear and Eagle Floral Dream - Robyn Vanwert