Disclaimer! These are last years seeds; they are expired but will still grow!


A triple-treat bean that is a joy to grow because it is so easy. Coco can be harvested as a green bean although it gets tough if harvested when fully mature. Ten days later it’s a good shell bean, but really comes into its own as a refried or soup bean. Larger than other black beans—and early! Cooks quickly with a delicious aroma that promises a hearty robust soup. Black Coco’s 5 inch long, round pods are easy to pick from 22–24 inch tall plants. Black Coco soup has an unparalleled, robust flavor. It can be a complete meal in itself.


Growing Tips

Direct seeds in loose soil well after danger of frost in rows 12 - 18 inches apart. Plant 5-10” apart. Plant height is 1-2 feet. Harvest as snap or mature when buckskin in color and harvest on a dry day.

Certified Organic. 50 seeds per packet. Grown by Alissa Jacobson


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Black Coco Bean