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A tart and fruity syrup for making sparkling sodas and more by Clover Valley Farms, crafted on the North Shore! All our options are 12 FL Oz.


Snow Drop Shrub Ingredients: apple wine vinegar (made from apple wine), spruce tip, wildflower honey


Blueberry Lavender Shrub Ingredients: blueberry vinegar, lavender, cane sugar, water


Sumac and Wild Cherry Shrub Ingredients: sumac berries, wild cherry vinegar, wildflower honey


Wild Cherry-Basil Shrub Ingredients: wild cherry-vinegar, lavender, cane sugar, water


Rhubarb-Mint Shrub Ingredients: rhubarb vinegar (made from rhubarb wine), cane sugar, rhubarb, fresh mint, water


Apple Rhubarb Shrub: Apple wine vinegar (made from apple wine), rhubarb syrup (rhubarb cane sugar, water)


Clover Valley Shrub

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