Grown by North Circle Farms


Fercita Amaranth (Amaranthus spp.) Beautiful, large red and yellow/golden upright flower spikes and bronze-green foliage make a real knockout in the vegetable garden. Tasty leaves are tender when they are picked young. This high-protein, gluten-free grain is easy to grow and will grow in poor, dry soils. Short, stocky plants (3-4’ tall) make this amaranth easy to work with and less likely to lodge (fall over) than other grain amaranths. Seed adapted to our Northern climate by Sue Wika and originally sourced from Sherck Seeds.


Growing Tips

Plant seeds inside 1/4” deep in flat soil tray. Harden plants off outside for 2-3 weeks and carefully pull plants apart to transplant. Transplant small plants outdoors after last frost. If direct seeding outside, plants can be spaced from 12” apart for close planting and up to 36” apart for bushy plants. Amaranth has a tendency to self-seed.

Organic Certified Seed. 100 seeds per packet.


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Fercita Amaranth