INDIGENOUS FOODS BOX are great gifts to send to friends and family filled with goodies to cook with at home! Our food box consists of wild rice and maple syrup (Spirit Lake Native Farms), pancake mix and blueberry jam (Red Lake Nation Foods) Healing Tea (Sakari Botanicals), and white cornmeal (Bow & Arrow)!  The wild rice and maple Syrup is grown or tapped from land on the Fond du Lac Reservation. Healing Tea is full of superfood ingredients such as: chamomile, red clover and elderberries!!!! The cornmeal can be used to make cornbread, cornmeal crunch chocolate chip cookies, waffles and more! Remember FOOD IS MEDICINE and with these traditional foods Indigenous First hopes to share happiness, good health and comfort! The retail price of our box is $75.50, and we have it on sale now for $60.50!


*Currenlty substituting jam for available Red Lake Nation Foods Jam during

* Currently substituting tea for available Sakari Tea

Indigenous Foods Box

$75.50 Regular Price
$60.50Sale Price