Our INTERTRIBAL FOOD BOX is filled with hand harvested wild rice (Native Wise Farms), Ojibwe Flint Corn Hominy, pure maple sugar (Ziibimijiwang Farm), midnight tea (Sakari Botanicals), blue cornmeal (Bow and Arrow) and Wild Hawthorne Jelly (Red Lake Nation Foods)! We are selling this box for $65.99 (this box usually sells for $84)! The pure maple sugar is a good substitute for all white sugar, it has a lower glycemic level and is a better alternative for all!!! Midnight Tea contains wild rose pedals, LAVENDAR, and peppermint - created for calming! The blue cornmeal can be used to make blue raspberry waffles, cornbread, blue corn tamales, and fish fry batter (soak fish in butter milk overnight)! This is named the Intertribal Food Box because Indigenous First staff has met these harvesters at the Yearly Intertribal Food Summit and at our Indigenous Foods Expo at AICHO!


BULK ORDERS EMAIL: jazminw@aicho.org

Intertribal Food Box


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