Our Manidoominens: Still Beading After 10,000 Years historic group beadwork exhibition is now featured in a professional and beautiful catalogue which can be purchased for $9.00. This booklet features a page dedicated to each of the 29 artists, a curator’s and director’s statement, an online link for the virtual show, Viewer’s Choice Award winner, stats on success of the exhibition, and more!


Artists Represented: Sarah Agaton Howes, Awanigiizhik Bruce, Roxanne DeLille, Michelle Defoe, Herb Fineday, Jr., Jessica Gokey, Tashia Hart, Nashay Howes, Jennie Kappenman, Briana Kingbird, Marcie McIntire, Curt Moon, Theresa Morrison, Ramona Morrow, Warren Mountain, Alanna Ottertail, Karen Savage-Blue, Leah Savage, Wendy Savage, Ameyloni Samreth, Veronica Skinaway, Jaron Smallwood, Francisca Smith-El Zeenny, Patricia Staine, Chholing Taha, Robyn Vanwert, Delina White, Chenoa Williams and Leah Yellowbird


MANIDOOMINENS: Still Beading After 10,000 Year


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