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Exceptionally rich and sweet flavor. Fully ripe later in the season, but it is well worth the wait! Large, meaty, pear shaped 8-16 oz fruit are perfect for eating raw or for sauce, and taste incredible when roasted with basil, salt and olive oil. Great paste tomato. Seed comes from seed steward Maria Nagy in Turda, Romania. A heritage type becoming rare even in its historical home.

Growing Tips

Start indoors about 1/4” deep 5-6 weeks before the last frost. Transplant well after danger of frost and ideally when night temps don’t go lower than 50F. Sow plants 24-36” apart. Plant in full sun and will need to stake or trellis plants. Fertilize with fish emulsion, compost, manure or a soluble, complete fertilizer.

Certified Organic. 40 Seeds per Packet.

Maria Nagy Tomato

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