Grown by North Circle Seeds


This short season popcorn ranges from pink to white/yellow in color. A Minnesota heirloom sourced from the GRIN database. We also added in about 10% genetics from Adaptive Seeds called Early Pink Pearl for increased vigor. All classical organic breeding as always! The plants and cobs have been selected for large ears/kernels and pink color. Nice medium/large sized kernels, full popcorn flavor with great popping expansion and crunch! Better flavor than store bought. Best to pop with stove-top popper.


Growing Tips

Sow 1-2 inches deep in tilled soil 7-8 inches apart in 30 inch rows. Fertilize during planting time as corn is a heavy feeder. Plant after danger of frost in spring. Harvest after husks have dried down and kernels are glassy.

Certified Organic. 100 Seeds per Packet

Pinky Popcorn

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