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Grown by North Circle Seeds


This short season popcorn ranges from pink to white/yellow in color. A Minnesota heirloom sourced from the GRIN database. We also added in about 10% genetics from Adaptive Seeds called Early Pink Pearl for increased vigor. All classical organic breeding as always! The plants and cobs have been selected for large ears/kernels and pink color. Nice medium/large sized kernels, full popcorn flavor with great popping expansion and crunch! Better flavor than store bought. Best to pop with stove-top popper.


Growing Tips

Sow 1-2 inches deep in tilled soil 7-8 inches apart in 30 inch rows. Fertilize during planting time as corn is a heavy feeder. Plant after danger of frost in spring. Harvest after husks have dried down and kernels are glassy.

Certified Organic. 100 Seeds per Packet


Old Seeds are still available for half off! Use the Tab old seeds in the option tab and then use the coupon OldSeeds2021 for Half off.

Pinky Popcorn

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