Grown by North Circle Farm


These African eggplants were gifted by Simeon Bakunda who has been growing them for over 7 years and adapting them to our Northern Climate. The egg-shaped, mango-sized white fruit turns orange-red when ripened. Is eaten boiled, steamed, pickled, or in stews with vegetables or meats. Young leaves are cut and used in soups. Leaves are a good source of calcium, beta-carotene and possess anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties.


Growing Tips

Start indoors about 1/4” deep 8 weeks before the last frost. Transplant well after danger of frost and ideally when night temps don’t go lower than 50F. Plants grow two to three feet tall and should be planted 12-18 inches apart. Need full sun. Must be picked regularly when they are white. For Seed Saving, fruits ripen to orange.

Certified Organic. 50 Seeds per Packet.


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Simeon's White Eggplant