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The Cattail Collection: Clan Animals - Loon Clan $500.00


This piece is currently on display until January 8th and can be picked up or shipped after January 11th from AICHO at 202 W2nd., St. Duluth MN! If you purchase this piece and are asking this to be shipped, you are agreeing to pay $10 now for shipping and at a later date agree to cover the remaining cost of shipping and insurance.


My dolls are part of "The Cattail Collection," To date I have made 210 Dolls, 48 Horses, 5 Buffalo, 2 Wigwams, 1 Sa Be (Big Foot) and these dolls are part of the Second set of "The Clans of My Fathers." I added them to my collection a couple years ago after Creating a piece for Indian Summer in Milwaukee for "Gathering of the Clans."


"The Cattail Collection," is my collection of Native American Dolls, they are stuffed with the fluff​ ​from the Cattail plants, each different, beaded in either the Ojibwe or Sioux fashion (My Grandfather is enrolled Yankton Sioux) They are all signed and numbered, have a signature bead behind their right ear. Prior to our last Presidential election, I had donated a doll to each incoming President for an inaugural gift. Bush had two and Obama had two. I was invited to​ ​the Smithsonian's NMAI New York to teach making them in the spring of '09 and they have one​ ​of my dolls there, and was asked to teach Dreamcatchers again in '11.


I also sell my dolls and various artwork through the Department of Interiors, Indian Craft Shop in DC as well as various gift shops. I have belonged to the Indian Arts and Crafts Association prior to its closing and attended their shows in Albuquerque. For the last couple of years I have been a part of the Santa Fe Indian Market where I have been able to sell. I have been a part of the Heard Indian Market also.

When I began creating my dolls, I had a dream, one of them were in a glass case with an eagle feather descending upon it. To me it meant I should continue creating my dolls. I don't usually begin one until I can see it in my mind. I also create other dolls, I am in the process of creating a horse and rider, almost real life size. I enjoy creating, it is where I find my peace.


I am also adjunct faculty at the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College, I teach various Native American History classes, Beadwork, Traditional Native Techniques and numerous workshops. I have my BA in American Indian Studies and my MA in American History.

The Cattail Collection: Loon Clan - Ramona Morrow


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