“We grow the fruit on the North Shore of Lake Superior and turn it into wine. Our own mother-culture of acetobacter along with patience transforms each artisanal batch into fruity and healthy live cultured vinegars. The whole process, fruit to finished vinegar, takes a year. This vinegar is brilliant in a chicken salad, with grapes and walnuts, or added to pear and goat cheese. Drizzle straight on fresh tomatoes, sauté mushrooms and cook with meats for that extra special flavoring! Vinegars are made by Clover Valley Farms of Duluth MN!”


Wild Cherry Vinegary Ingredients: wild cherry vinegar (made from wild cherry wine), 5 % acidity, gluten free


Juneberry-Currant Vinegar (Sage Infused) Ingredients: juneberry-currant vinegar (made from juneberry and currant wine) and fresh SAGE, 5 % acidity, gluten free


Rhubarb Vinegar (Garlic Infused) Ingredients: rhubarb vinegar (made from rhubarb wine and fresh garlic, 5 % acidity, gluten free


Juneberry – Currant Vinegar (made from juneberry & currant wine) and honey, 5 % acidity, gluten free

Homemade Vinegars