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Wolf Predator $4,000.00


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This medallion is based on Stan Winston’s Predator concept, namely Wolf from AVP:Requiem (he is blind in one eye and missing one mandible).


From the moment I saw the original Predator as a kid, I was captivated by their​ ​beauty.


I have wanted to make a predator medallion for a long time now. The background​ ​is computer code, I was inspired by the way computer code looks and acts as a backbone for​ ​our current

Society. This piece is a combination of the intensity of the current cultural here​ ​and now. To survive you have to be on your best game and know your way around the​ ​digital landscape.

Wolf Predator takes no shit and leaves no tracks, he is the mythical power house​ ​of taking care Of business. Plus, growing up on the Rez in Nevada my favorite creature were the​ ​Pamagatza’a (Horned Toad)Toads, and they look like little dinosaurs, when I first saw Predator, I thought they​ ​looked like

Dinosaur people, I was captivated.


Materials: Buckskin, size 13 cut beads with 24k gold plated and .999 silver main colors for Wolf’s skin and edging of the medallion, I added peyote stitch accents on the necklace, and a pocket for the wearers items.

Wolf Predator - By Chenoa Williams


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