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Giclée Prints

Karen Savage Blue Portrait w Art -1.jpg

CPL Imaging in Duluth Minnesota is where we get all of our giclée canvas and paper prints made!

Before a giclee reproduction can be printed, the original art has to be “digitally captured”.  The most faithful digital file is created by scanning, rather than simply photographing.  Also, thanks to the ultra-high resolution scanning process we can produce the file sizes necessary to make large prints.  It is a slow process, but with the resulting file CPL is able to make prints that are worthy reproductions of the original art.

Giclée (pronounced “zhee-KLAY"), is derived from the French word meaning, “to spray”.  This applies to the spraying of ink as in inkjet printing.  

If an inkjet print is a faithful reproduction printed with stable, pigmented ink on a specially coated archival medium, it is worthy of the giclée name.  

The archival nature of a giclée makes it a work of art that can be passed on for generations.  

CPL Imaging prints with Epson’s Ultrachrome HDX inkset with our 44-inch wide Epson SureColor P-9000 printers.  All of their many choices of papers and canvas are archival.  Canvas prints are given three fine coats of a water-based lacquer.

 You can get your art scanned and reproduced, whether it’s paper prints or canvas prints at CPL (located at 2301 W Superior St, Duluth MN)!

Give them a call at 218-722-6759 for more info!

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