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Sales Event

This year Indigenous First Art and Gift Shop has a few deals going on! We have 9 WEEKS OF FRESH HARVESTED GROCERIES ON SALE farmed by Native Wise LLC for $319.75, we are accepting online transactions and snap benefit transactions for this CSA! You can also save $15 off your total purchase when buying an Indigenous or Intertribal Food Box! We are located at 202 W. 2nd St., Duluth MN. Our hours are M-F 10 AM – 5 PM for CURBSIDE PICKUP!

March 2021

Native Report

Opening Doors of Economic Opportunity. WI's Red Cliff Fish Company opens doors of economic opportunity to Native anglers; Duluth AICHO Indigenous First Gift Shop Coordinator stresses importance of providing Native artists opportunities to have their work on public display, especially during pandemic times.

December 2020


In our Anishinaabe migration story, we were told to “go to where the food grows on water.” Since our migration, Anishinaabeg have centered one of our food staples manoomin (wild rice) into our meals, ceremonies, trade items, shared with our neighbors, and created an Indigenous economy that helps sustain our Indigenous food producers and entreprenuers’ livelihoods through their farms and businesses. This new video speaks to the power and spirit of our local and Indigenous foods, tribal food producers such as Native Wise, LLC who is featured here, Indigenous economy, and the importance of having ancestral and healthy food access for/with our communities with AICHO’s Indigenous First CSA and intertribal Indigenous food box initiative during the pandemic, and many key partnerships with Indigenous food producers/farmers in our region and beyond!

December 2020

Duluth News Tribune

Among the advice offered about holiday shopping in this pandemic year: Buy from the places that you want to still exist next year.

That can mean gift cards to your favorite smokehaus, the craft ice cream shop, or a pop-up celebrating the flavors of Louisiana. It can also mean filling your arms with all the books by all the local authors on the tables at Zenith Bookstore or stacking Woodfire candles upon handled mugs and ring dishes from the Makers Mercantile.

If you need a jump-start, here are some less than $100 picks for foods, fashions and home goods from local makers.

September 2020

Duluth News Tribune

Native Wise and AICHO are collaborating on bringing "the good medicine" through community-supported agriculture.

Photo by Tyler Schank /

July 2020


AICHO's food boxes started out as a way to make sure the residents at the American Indian Community Housing Organization had enough to eat... But the boxes, originally intended to feed and comfort AICHO's residents, grew into a way to feed and comfort elders and others on reservation around the state, and, in the process feed and comfort the producers who create the food themselves.

Photo by Ivy Vainio / AICHO

May 2020

Duluth News Tribune

Like many retailers, Indigenous First Arts and Gift Shop's profits were slashed as customers could only shop for products in-store. Coordinator Jazmin Wong's work on a website for the store couldn't have come at a better time, she said. She was able to quickly list all of its products on its new website,, which has since boosted sales.

Photo by Clint Austin / Forum News Service

January 2020


The American Indian Community Housing Organization’s (AICHO) Indigenous First Art and Gift Shop is hosting an inaugural art exhibit opening featuring local artist Samuel J. Zimmerman.

January 2020


Duluth’s American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO) has been awarded a big grant to help create an indigenous food network in the Lake Superior area. AICHO wants to help people have sustainable access to food in the Northland. They tell us the $78,122 grant will help people who are food insecure and folks who want more native food options.

December 2019

Duluth News Tribune

Bummer. You forgot to order something online for your sister, and now shipping is going to cost a million dollars. None of us should be ordering as much as we do online, anyway, and if you’re looking for culinary-minded gifts, you’re in the right region. Locally owned shops filled with locally made products are abundant. Before you lies our curated gift guide for your people who love to eat, cook and set a nice table. None of this says “I’m from a gas station.”

February 2019


The American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO) is celebrating over 75 indigenous artists selling a wide range of goods.

These goods range from car seat covers to jewelry and all go to support indigenous economy and encourage youth.

November 2018


The annual winter art sale at the American Indian Community Housing Organization in Duluth brought together more than twenty-five artists.

The sale caters to mostly indigenous local artists and offers a wide variety of creations like scarves, dolls, gifts, and original artwork.

July 2017

Duluth News Tribune

Paintings, photographs, beaded earrings, books, cards, bags of wild rice and jars of maple syrup fill the shelves and walls of a newly created gift shop named Indigenous First, at the American Indian Community Housing Organization's building in downtown Duluth.

Photo by Clint Austin /

Indigenous First Videos

November 2020

Greater Duluth Council

We sell quality gifts and goods with a mission of advancing, promoting, and investing in indigenous artists and entrepreneurs. Our holistic mission-based dedication to building opportunity for indigenous people is rooted in a vision of health and vibrancy, honoring the resiliency of our community and perpetually acting with future generations in mind.

August 2019

Dave Moberg Films

AICHO honors the resiliency of Native American people by strengthening communities and centering indigenous values in all aspects of our work; we provide housing and supportive services while also managing arts, cultural, and food sovereignty initiatives in Duluth, MN.

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