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Name: Marcie Rendon

Tribal Affiliation: White Earth Band of Ojibwe tribal member


Website Address:

Art Medium: Author/Playwright/Poet.


Art Philosophy: 'create mirrors for us as native people'


Places Where Art Has Been Shown: Minneapolis, MN, Fargo, ND, Park Rapids, MN, Nett Lake, MN, Duluth, MN. AICHO Art Shows and Programs: A book signing in 2018.

What inspires me: All the Native artists who continue to put their hearts and minds out there for us all.

My ultimate art goal: To keep writing.

My advice for those interested in a career in art: Go for it.

Marcie Rendon Spotlight.jpg

Jes Durfee

Name: Jes Durfee

Tribal Affiliation: Fond du Lac Band of Ojibwe Direct Descendant


Instagram: @jesdurfee


Art Medium: Glass Art


Art Philosophy: Keep practicing and always learning more and trying new and ancient techniques.


Who or what inspires me: Nature is my biggest inspiration.


What is your ultimate goal: To be able to communicate or build intrigue and wonderment in anyone no matter what language they speak or culture they are from by looking at my art and to keep refining my techniques and constantly learning.

My advice for those interested in a career in art: Just keep trying your best each time, stay focused and work hard at achieving your goals and then make new ones and work hard at achieving them too and just keep on learning, working and loving what you do.

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Jes Durfee Spotlight.jpg

Marcie Rendon

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