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Girl Gone Missing (Cinco Puntos Press 2019) is the second novel in the Cash murder mystery series.

Cash is back! Renee "Cash" Blackbear is now in college, and it turns out she’s smart, real smart. But she’s also like a duck out of water at Moorhead State. Her classmates and professors talk mostly about nothing, not like the working men she’s known all her life who talk dirt and fertilizer, weather and prices on the Grain Exchange.


Then Cash hears about a blonde girl in her English class who has gone missing... and then another. She begins to dream they are calling for help, and they’re in Minneapolis. She’s never been far from the Red River. Suddenly, she’s locked inside a room with the lost girls. She needs to find a way out.


“Against the landscape of a 1970s college town, the disappearance of a classmate draws Cash into a web of dreams, deceit and danger...Cash grows in maturity to a young woman tough and resourceful, generous of spirit, protective, and courageous. A wonderful read, heart-stopping, heartrending and heartening, often all at the same time.” Linda LeGarde Grover, author of The Road Back to Sweetgrass


"The vivid writing and keen eye keep the pages turning and readers hoping for another book in this series."Wendy J. Fox, Buzzfeed

Girl Gone Missing

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