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Native Wise LLC: “Our philosophy is that good, clean food is the best medicine for your body and mind. We are a Native owned and operated business.


Our farm is focused on soil health, we strive to farm in a way that reduces negative impacts to the ecosystem in which we live and farm. We incorporate companion/pollinator cover crops into all of our agricultural plantings in order to enhance soil health, optimize plant production and provide pollinator habitat.


We implemented these same farming principles while growing our CBD Hemp plants as well. All of our Hemp was planted and harvested by hand and was a family and local community effort.


We have our bee boxes on our hemp farm. They are located underneath a shade tree and are able to forage from our cover crops that we have growing in between our agricultural rows.


We have milkweed, Shasta daisies and red and white clover as part of our cover crop mix along with several other naturally occurring flowering plants. There are also many acres of land for the bees to travel to and forage from including pristine hardwood forests surrounding our farm which include basswood trees.


We are also surrounded by flowering native wild rice lakes. We hand harvest our honey and we recently partnered with a professional company for packaging and certification purposes to ensure a high-quality product."

Honey Harvested by Native Wise

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