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Artist Statement


America suffers from historical amnesia. It is apparent that well into this millennium, the original inhabitants of this paradise still suffer the after effects of colonialism. People seeking freedom arrived on these shores over 500 years ago. It is unfortunate that in the pursuit of theirs, we were to lose ours. Corralled into areas deemed unfit for human survival, we overcame harsh conditions and thrived. The threat of our existence as a people has metastasized much like an autoimmune disease. Post colonialism has outgrown its life-threatening behavior to the point that its own life is under threat.


Invasion, slavery, relocation and many other forms of abuse weren’t enough. We have now reached a point in our lives where we are all part of the sickness. We aren’t just being abused, we abuse each other, and we abuse our home. By annihilating ourselves, we are on vicious course to do the same to the planet. Things have to change. The after effect are affecting us all. They are deeply ingrained in our comminutes. We have mistaken abuse for progress.


One of the current issues, is oil. We are wise enough to see the effect of its intoxicating consumption. Beside its pollution, the devastating effects it has in native communities is ostracized. The mural addresses this tiny fragment and puts it on a large platform. Women and children in your communities are being abducted, sold, raped and murdered for the pleasure of workers in this industry. If we address the problem, we can create solutions. Renewable energy, education and empowerment are vital. Let’s change the beaten path of history.

MMIW/ Water Protector Mural Shirt Standard Cut

$30.00 Regular Price
$24.00Sale Price
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