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Samuel J. Zimmerman

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Makwa Carries the Dancer WATER MARK.JPG

Samuel began to participate in juried and solo exhibitions in 2000 after receiving his BFA in Studio Art from the Rochester Institute of Technology. His painting became a part-time activity while he worked as Special Education and School administrator for the past 18 years. With a recent exploration of the Alaskan frontier and northern Canada, he rededicated himself to painting with a ferocity that had been absent since his earlier studio days, completing an entirely new body of work over the last year. This newest collection of work titled, The Journey Home has elements of the Woodland style, a style of painting first introduced by Anishnabe painter Norval Morriseau and popular among Native American artist of the Great Lakes Region.


With his recent relocation from the EAST Coast to Duluth his work focuses on exploring his Ojibwe Heritage – re-imagining the symbolism of the clan animals while incorporating the natural landscape of Lake Superior’s North Shore. His work is infused with the color theories of the abstract and expressionism movements and is currently in private collections both in the United States and abroad.

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