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Weeya Smith

Weeya Michelle Smith grew up in the south where as a young person, she was commissioned to create backdrops for theatrical shows for local churches in her area. This launched an early art career. She attended college and began her teaching career while working on art and entering shows. 

She was the featured artist in the Capital One Gallery in Washington D.C.. Her work was on display for a month and was seen by thousands of people. Two years ago, her artwork was used for The National Congress of American Indians Conference. Her work was used in brochures, pamphlets, on the website, and throughout the conference on booths and displays. The artwork used for the show was later purchased. The painting was titled “The Smoke Dancers“ and is currently on display at the Alabama Indian Affairs Commission in Montgomery, Alabama. 

Currently, Weeya sits on the board of the Woodland Indian Art Show & Market. This event is held annually and supports all Woodland Indian artist. The Woodland Indian Art Show & Market is a non-profit organization created to expand the awareness and appreciation of Woodland Indian Arts and Culture through education, events and markets. Not only is Weeya a board member, but she is also the technology consultant responsible for their social media, technology and website. 

“As an artist, I currently use watercolors in a nontraditional way by using the paint thickly throughout the piece and mounting the paper onto black canvas. Borders represent the rules that are placed upon us as humans. Each of my paintings have something crossing outside of the border to express what little freedoms we may experience without constraints. It is my small way of rebelling.” - Weeya Michelle Smith

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